tam•a•rack | ta-mə-rak

1 : an American larch, Larix laricina, Tamarack trees are extremely resilient to arctic temperatures and diverse soil conditions, growing high into the overstory due to its shade intolerance.

many things grow initially
we care that they are lasting

indicators of durability

100+ % year-over-year growth seems highly likely in early years.

High Margins
Significant net margins are likely when the business model unfolds and high-enough to fuel growth in the meantime.

Early Revenue
Concept is functionally proven; generating early but meaningful revenue. Usually $100k+ (or less, with unique growth)

User Adoption
Adoption is relatively promising for the concept’s age and the resulting user base is likely to generate sustainable revenue.

Market Incentives
Are all the requisite market-parties strongly incented to support the concept’s growth/adoption? If not, how will the company navigate those headwinds?

Barriers to Imitation
Incumbents cannot easily replicate/replace the concept. Does it pass the “If [Google] stayed late one week” test?

Capable Team
Talented, teachable, curious, inspiring, and industry experts.

how tamarak accelerates durability

Raised capital can accelerate growth when funds are needed to fulfill inventory, hire key personnel, expand marketing, and other growth initiatives. Often provided progressively, equity positions, SAFEs, debt deals, or other investment structures are considered at Tamarak.

Resources & Mentorship
Many individuals and companies can supply capital. So how is Tamarak different? We have built a capable, experienced team that provides strategic mentoring in finance, operations, and marketing to accelerate your company’s growth and help avoid costly mistakes.