tam•a•rack | ta-mə-rak

2 : an American larch, Larix laricina, Tamaracks yield a useful timber used by aboriginal peoples of Canada and the northern United States for its many medicinal properties and as a building material due to its durability and rot-resistance.

many things grow
we care why they grow

indicators of purposefulness

Low-scalability ventures often require maximum founder effort and result in minimal expansion. That’s why we think scalability is a key metric to evaluate the lasting durability of a company.

High Margins + Revenue
Without meaningful revenue, a company is limited in its impact—and, well, lifetime. High margins and revenue open the door for a company to pursue creative ideas, make strategic investments, broaden its vision of impact, and ultimately become what it chooses.

When startups can’t compete with the capital, technology, or resources of bigger companies, how can they win? What is their currency for attracting great talent and doing great things? We believe the answer often lies in the intangibles: founders’ vision, a well-defined challenge, mentorship, and team cohesion. We look for founders who create healthy cultures with employee buy-in and empowerment as core values.

how tamarak accelerates purposefulness

Raised capital can accelerate growth when funds are needed to fulfill inventory, hire key personnel, expand marketing, and other growth initiatives. Often provided progressively, equity positions, SAFEs, debt deals, or other investment structures are considered at Tamarak.

Resources & Mentorship
Many individuals and companies can supply capital. So how is Tamarak different? We have built a capable, experienced team that provides strategic mentoring in finance, operations, and marketing to accelerate your company’s growth and help avoid costly mistakes.