tam•a•rack | ta-mə-rak

3 : an American larch, Larix laricina, the Tamarack’s remarkable fortitude and usefulness serves as a guiding symbol for our company and those within our portfolio.

the tamarak story

Established in 2016

Tamarak is a venture-focused family office in Springville, Utah. It was founded by Brenton Hatch, Keaton Hatch, and Nate McBride, who all worked together at Profire Energy (NASDAQ: PFIE), an oilfield technology company. Tamarak has built durable and purposeful companies in unique industries by investing capital, supporting with elite services, and mentoring its entrepreneurs toward accelerated success.

Tamarak is invested in numerous industries, including B2B software, consumer software, home technology, industrial, fintech, automotive, and real estate.

Early in June 2020, Tamarak announced its expansion to a multi-family office with an external round of funding received from Sam and Kacie Malouf, founders of home furnishings and sleep technology company Malouf located in northern Utah.

Malouf has won several national awards for its culture and leadership including Inc.’s “Best Workplaces” and Glassdoor’s “Top CEO” award. Malouf is also a Certified B Corporation®.

Now united with Malouf, Tamarak is setting its sights on fueling the next generation of Utah entrepreneurs and bringing cutting-edge resources to Silicon Slopes’ premiere entrepreneurs.